Sony KDL – 40Z5800 Review

The Sony KDL-40Z5800 easily becomes center stage in any home’s ultimate theatre room. This television features unique options and connectivity methods, making it easy to customize to suit anyone’s needs. Connect a Blu-ray disc player and surround sound to complete the home theatre experience. Sony also features new display technology, making this television one of the best on the market.

This Sony KDL-40Z5800 television features the new “draw the LINE” design which has eliminated extra buttons for a seamless display. Those viewing movies will not be distracted by the TV’s bulky frame. Viewers no longer need to worry about screen glare either. “Draw the LINE” has eliminates these complaints by maximizing on screen space and delivering quality screen clarity.

Another high quality feature of this model is the high definition technology. The television features a clear picture in 1080p with 1920 by 1080 resolution. With this level of viewing technology, Sony stays true to its commitment to delivering its customer a high-quality viewing experience.

This television’s color and contrast improvements make home movie viewing a pleasure. The television is designed to automatically adjust the LCD backlight to deliver the truest colors possible. The display also adjusts to ensure viewers see the richest blacks and whitest whites possible, by capitalizing on contrast technology. This technology helps elevate the display to another level, making it one of the best on the market today.

This Sony KDL-40Z5800 TV has been designed to easily incorporate a blu-ray player, gaming systems or other devices. Create a customized home theatre using the television’s 4 HDMI ports. Connecting a blu-ray players allows movie buffs to easily watch their favourite films with the clarity of high definition. Most devices easily connect using a single cord, making it easy to hook up a home theatre without having to worry about hiding lots of cords.

The Sony KDL-40Z5800 utilizes the S Front Surround System, Sony’s newest sound technology. This systems gives customers access to surround sound quality without having to connect extra speakers. By using only 2 front speakers, the S Front system creates the same sound as traditional 5 point surround sound systems. This system completes the home theatre experience by delivering theater quality sound.

Another interesting feature of this new Sony KDL-40Z5800 model is its utilization of new motion technology. This new technology helps eliminate blur and motion stopping by stabilizing the picture. Now movie buffs can enjoy even the highest action-packed movies with clarity that rivals the movie theater. Details and action packed sequences will be featured in the best HD picture available.

The new Sony KDL-40Z5800 is an excellent choice for those wishing to set up a home theatre system. The TV features high quality 1080p, HD display with new colour and contrast technology. The TV delivers a surround system only using 2 front speakers. Additionally, the new motion technology will deliver crystal-clear pictures for anything from a favorite romantic comedy to a high-action flick. Movie buffs will enjoy this TV in their home theatre no matter what they like to watch.

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