The Great Technology Cobra ZL Driver Review

Have you been looking for a reliable Cobra ZL Driver Review? Then you are in the right place! We will try to give you our most honest assessment of this driver to make it useful to you.

First things first, this driver is definitely something that will make you look good, feel good, sound good and even perform good. Now that’s really something to look forward to; especially from a golf company that has been underrated for so many years. But it seems Cobra struck gold this year with their finest and almost perfect ZL driver.

This impressive driver even uses a technology that many companies have tried and failed to succeed on – the carbon fiber technology. There have been numerous golf companies that manufactured and put up a driver for sale using this technology but either buyers complain about the way it badly affects sound too much, or that it breaks so easily, and many other problems. Needless to say, these companies have to review the technology and considered it more as a disadvantage rather than an advantage. But Cobra almost perfected this technology and is now using it to their advantage.

You won’t even have to worry and complain about the speed dimples that you’re tired of looking at. Cobra ZL is now sporting a more conventional crown and so you can be sure that it looks better than before. Also, Cobra made sure that you won’t need to read 50 pages of manual just to know how to adjust the driver’s hosel. It’s so user-friendly, fast and easy to adjust that you only need to change it to three different settings: O-Open, N-Neutral and C-Closed. How hard can that be?

There are indeed so many advantages when you purchase and use a Cobra ZL Driver. It comes with a much improved sound, it sports a classic and modern look that makes it one of the most attractive looking drivers in the market, it gives a softer feel even on impact because of the 6-4 titanium on its face, and provides a distance that is at par with other high-end drivers in the market.

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